What Are The Best Sector To Invest In India?

In last 17 years, India has changed its recognization in many fields. India is now the one of the most powerful and raising economy around the world. Due to helpful governments policies, there are many best sector to invest in India.

Nowadays right Investment is the best way to multiply your money or savings. There are many ways to Invest money for short term and long term.

Usually, people’s invest in Term Insurance, Fixed Deposits, Stocks, Mutual Funds, Govt Savings Bonds, Microfinance Schemes, Gold, Property etc.

But if you want to Invest some big amount for getting better results then there are few growing sectors to invest In India.

7 Best Sector To Invest In India

Invest In Real Estate

Real estate is one of the most booming sectors in India. As India is the 2nd most populated country in the world.

And still, most of the person is searching for their dream homes. While we think about the growth of any City, State, or Country Real Estate will be the first priority in the development plan.

Education Sector 

As we all know India holds an important place in the International education sector.

India has more than 15 million schools, 50,000+ higher education institutions, and almost 250 million students enrolled with them.

In India, the education sector has an annual growth rate of Approx 34%. Now the Indian government has more focused on Children Education Growth.

After the US, India has the 2nd largest market in E-learning phase. Until the end of 2018, this sector expected to touch 42 billion USD.

Health Care Sector

Healthcare or Pharma Sector is growing with a green mark in the country. Because with the other developments health care is also booming.

In last few years, Pharma shares have gained a good return. And being a 2nd most polluted country in the world India needs high-class medical goods and medicines.

Natural Energy / Solar power

Recently honorable prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi launched Make In India campaign.

Make In India Campaign encourage local bodies to build their own products and serve the Nation.

Government Of India will also support those organizations who are taking participate in Make In India program. So this the golden chance to utilize natural resources and make money.

Sun is the powerful resource of Natural Energy and you can invest in the same sector.  Natural Energy or Solar Power systems industries on the boom.

Many developed countries are utilizing Natural Energy to save other resources. So investing in this sector can multiply your investing.

India’s IT Sector Is Leading The World 

Investing in IT Sector will never pull your savings down. India is the hub of information technology. Infosys, Wipro, HCL Technologies, Satyam are the only few names.

If you are looking for Invest your amount where you can earn with growth then Investing in IT sector will be a good idea.

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Banking & Finance Sector

In last decade banking sector has seen many Ups and downs as many banks have lost their thousands of crores INR due to few business frauds.

But still, the banking sector has many options for growing your hard money. Recently the government has launched many helpful policies for this sector.

Banking shares and investment plans give you the opportunity to invest your money and earn good benefits.

Micro Financing Platform Is Calling You

Microfinancing is one of the growing and popular sectors in India. As the banks have many strict policies for all, and only focus on registered business, Working individuals and self-employed.

But Micro Finance companies also help peoples who are unable to reach banks to fulfill their financial needs.

Investing in Micro Finance sector can give you a huge benefit. Because the sector has an opportunity of reach to a maximum number of people’s in the country.

India is a leading Microfinance sector in the world. And the Sector is growing at an average rate of 50% annually.   

Banks like IDFC has distributed more than 2500 Cr as microfinance before getting Banking Licence in 2015.  

best sector to invest in india

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