3 Best Credit Cards For Beginners In India With Low Annual Fees

There are so many credit cards available in the market. Almost every bank is providing credit card nowadays. And a salaried and self-employed person can apply for any card as per their needs. But what about those who are going to apply for their first credit card! What are the best credit cards for beginners in India?

As a first time user, we always look for the best and no lose options. But while it comes to the application we have to listen to the sales guys who just want to creak their leads.

So if you are applying via an online portal or through any sales agent always crosscheck the card features and benefits. And also apply for a card which matches your eligibility and requirements.

If you are also going to apply for your first credit card then here are the 3 best credit cards for beginners, which also required just mid-level income criteria.

Best Credit Cards For Beginners In India

Credit cards for beginners

ICICI Platinum Chip Credit Card:

The largest private sector bank in India ICICI has many card options for customers. With almost 20+ different card options ICICI bank provide you a range for choose any card as per eligibility and needs.

is the best suite for beginners. The card comes with all basic features and benefits.You can use the card from shopping to dining purpose.

. Earn 2 Payback points for each 100/ INR spending.

. Get 15% discount on dining at 800+ participated restaurants in India.

. EMI facility with purchase of more than 2500/- INR.

. Fuel surcharge waiver at leading fuel outlets in India.

. Zero Annual Fee*

Platinum Chip is a feature-rich entry segment credit card which makes it one of the best credit cards for beginners in India.

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HDFC Money Back Credit Card:

HDFC Moneyback is the best suite for those who are looking for the best card with multiple features and benefits.

Being more than an entry level credit card Money Back is providing some best features and benefits to the users.

After replacing existing Platinum Edge in 2014 money back become the choice of first-time card users.

. Earn 2 Reward points on each 150/ INR spending.

. Fuel Surcharge waiver on all leading fuel outlets in India.

. EMI Facility with many offers*

. Convert reward points in cash back.

. Easy fee waiver condition.*

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SBI Simply Save Credit Card:

State Bank Of India is the largest Govt sector bank in India. And SBI also offers a wide range of credit cards for the customers.

Earlier SBI was offering Gold Credit Card as entry segment card. But in 2014 the bank replaced it with a new classic look and featured card named SBI Simply Save.

The Simply Save Card comes with all basic features and benefits included Fuel, Shopping, Cashback, Rewards etc.

. Earn up to 10 Reward Points for each 100/- Spending and departmental and apparel stores.

. Fuel surcharge waiver at all leading fuel outlets.

. Emergency cash withdrawal facility. You can withdraw up to 80% Cash of your total limit.

. EMI Facility.

. The annual fee is just 499/ INR*. With waiver conditions.

There are few other credit cards for beginners available in India, whom you can apply for your first credit card. But I have mentioned only 3 best credit cards where you can apply with just 15K monthly salary.

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