Credit Cards With Zero Annual Fee | 10 Life Time Free Credit Cards In India

There are plenty of credit cards available in the market. Most of the credit card comes with an annual fee (with or without waiver conditions).

But banks also have some credit cards with zero annual fee or maintenance charges. You can avail most of the credit cards benefits with these free cards too.

I have selected 7 best credit cards with zero annual fees from my best credit cards in India list.

credit cards with zero annual fee

Credit Cards With Zero Annual Fee In India

HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card

HDFC Moneyback credit card is an entry level credit card. Money Back is the best choice for first-time card users.

Moneyback comes with all basic features included Fuel Surcharge Waiver, Rewards Points, EMI Facility, Cash Advance. The Card fit best for your all online & offline purchases.

You will earn 2 rewards point for each 150/- INR spent either online or offline.

Read Complete Benefits in my existing article Best Credit Card In India For Salaried Person 2017

ICICI Platinum Chip Credit Card

ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit Card is a basic credit card. The card is a good fit for those who are looking for a basic credit card with zero annual fees.

Platinum Chip credit card come with features like Fuel Surcharge, 15% Dining Discount, Online & Offline Transections, Up To 48 days Interest-free period.

You will earn 2 payback points for each 100/- INR spent. For instant approval, You can apply ICICI Platinum Chip online here.

SCB Platinum Rewards Credit Card

Standard Chartered Platinum Credit Card is a multipurpose credit card. the card offers you multiple rewards point on your all purchase.

The card comes with up to 55 days Interest-free time period. And after that, you will be charged for 3.10% monthly interest.

If your monthly Salary is more than 50K INR then you can apply for this life time free credit card.

You will earn 5 rewards point for each 150/-INR spent. SCB Platinum Rewards credit card is an International credit card.

For checking Instant approval of SCB platinum rewards credit card you can apply here.

SCB Landmark Credit Card

Another Zero annual fee credit card from the Standard Chartered Bank. Landmark Reward Credit Card is the best credit card for your daily shopping needs.

You will earn 9x rewards point for each 100/-INR spent in Lifestyle and affiliated stores.

You can avail 5% cashback on your shopping bill in all SPAR shopping stores across the country.

Get 4 complaisantly visits free on all visa lounges at domestic airports.

The SCB Landmark Rewards Card comes with a 55 days interest-free period and zero annual fees.

Kotak Mahindra Fortune Credit Card

Fortune Gold is a multi-use credit card offered by Kotak Mahindra bank. The Card comes with no annual fees and 48 days interest-free period.

You can avail 2.50% fuel surcharge on all fuel outlets ( Applicable on Transactions between Rs. 500/- and Rs. 3000/-). Through Fuel surcharge waivIn every Billing cycle you can save approx 300/ INR through

Through Fuel surcharge waiver you can save approx RS 300/- on monthly basis.

As multipurpose card you can use this credit card for your Daily Shopping, Travel, Fuel, Railway & Air Travel, Cash Advance, Online Bookings etc.

You will also earn 2 rewards point for each Rs 100/- spent. Fortune Gold is a business credit card.

HSBC Bank Platinum Credit Card

HSBC Platinum credit card is the best card in Zero Annual Fee Cards category. Platinum is a multipurpose credit card multiple features & benefits.

You can avail 10% cashback on all spends during the first 90 days. Earn 2 rewards points for each 100/-Rs spent.

Earn 2 rewards points for each 100/-Rs spent.

2.50% fuel surcharge will be waived off on all fuel outlets.

Avail up to 20% dining discounts at selected restaurants across the country.

Get 1 free movie ticket per month if your spends go beyond 50k.

Emergency card replacement & insurance benefits.

HSBC Platinum card comes with 50 days interest-free period and  Zero annual fees.

Applying for HSBC Platinum credit card your monthly salary must be 40K NTH.

Dhanlaxmi Bank Platinum Credit Card

Dhanlaxmi Bank Platinum credit card is another zero annual fee premium card in India. The card comes with some great features & benefits.

Platinum privileges across luxury goods, dining, golf & travel.

Online concierge facility.

5% cashback on Supermarkets and Departmental Store purchases

Free insurance cover & global customer assistance for emergencies

Low-interest charges & 48 days interest-free time period.

You will earn 2 rewards points for each 100/- Rs spent.

For Dhanlaxmi Platinum Credit card Salaried & Self-Employed Minimum annual gross income should be Rs 6 Lacs.

These are the best credit cards with multiple features and benefits. You can select any card as per your need.

If you are unable to decide that with 'which card should you go? then drop me your query I'll try to suggest you the best one.

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