5 Countries Where Indians Can Travel In Low Budget

If you are also a budget traveler like me. Then you must have landed on this page by searching about budget international destinations for Indians. I have collect 5 best budget international destinations for Indian Passport holders. 

For these destinations, you can enjoy cheap international holiday packages including flights. Proper planning and the right search can help you save thousands of bucks.

You can visit these countries with a low budget as 20k to 30K for 7 to 10 days. With their cheaper accommodations and foods, you can also enjoy local artificial and natural beauty.  

Budget Destinations for Indians

Read Tips For Plan Your Budget Trip.

Budget International Destinations

  1. #Bhutan:

Bhutan is one of the most peace loving and happiest country in the world. Being a neighbor country Bhutan has a good political and cultural relationship with India. And an Individual Indian can visit Bhutan without any much difficulties.

If you are planning to visit out of India in 2019 then Bhutan can be a good choice.

Because of good Political & Cultural relationships, you don’t need any Visa for visiting Bhutan.

You just need to show your Passport, or Indian Voter Id card while crossing the border. You can find many options for budget hotels and restaurants in Bhutan’s most visited cities like Thimpu & Paro.

2. #Indonesia 

From July 2017, Indonesia has withdrawn its visa requirements for Indians. So now you can visit this Beautiful Island Country without any hesitation. 

Like Bhutan, Indonesia has many cultural similarities with India. You can enjoy the natural beauty of its thousands of volcanic and residential Islands. 

Bali is the most famous and visited place among Indians.

3. #Thailand

Another Popular and easy to visit International destinations for Indians. Thailand offers a Visa On arrival service for Indian Passport Holders. Thai visa cost is approx 2000 Thai Bhat if you want to apply for the visa on arrival. 

On a tourist visa, you can explore Thailand for 15 days. And living in Thailand will not cost you much if you don’t have any issue to live in a budget room while enjoying awesome street food.

Beautiful sea beaches and party streets full of the crowd will make your journey unforgettable. 

4. #Cambodia

Like its neighbor countries Thailand and Indonesia, Cambodia will also give a tour of heritage and natural beauty. Never forget to consider a must have a visit to Angkor Wat temple while visiting Cambodia. 

Cambodia also offers a Visa On Arrival facility for Indian Passport Holders. This visa fee will cost you around 26 USD. 

5. #Sri Lanka

A small Island country and closest sea neighbor of India. Sri Lanka has the oldest cultural relationship with India.

Visiting Sri Lanka will never feel you bored, because of similar culture and values towards Hinduism and Ramayana. 

You can enjoy natural beauty along with many ancient temples and heritage sites. Being a Budget traveler you can find many low budget hotel and hostels with or without food.

These International destinations don’t require so much money to visit and explore. And also offer Visa Free or Visa on arrival facility to Indian Passport holders.  So if you have a wish to take your first International Tour in 2019. You can consider these beautiful nations.

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