Quick Tips To Make Money On YouTube In 2019

Youtube is the most visited video search engine in the world. I’m sure you also have visited many times to watch videos on this site.

But have you ever thought how the youtube channels which you have subscribed make money? Do you know YouTube can help you to make some extra cash regularly?

Do you also want to make money on Youtube?

If you think that just by creating a channel and uploading a few funny videos can make you rich, then it’s probably a dream which is not going to fulfil anymore.

Because just uploading any video and hope for going them viral will not make money on YouTube.

Make Money on youtube

Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine and the biggest video sharing site on the internet. Creating interesting content will help you to get the engagement of more subscribers and views on your videos.


There are many examples where channels with millions of subs are making only a few hundred dollars every month and channel with 100K subs are making thousands of dollars per month.

How To Make Money On YouTube?


Create A YouTube Channel:

For being a part of the Youtube community you will have to create your own channel. And with the help of your Gmail Id, you can easily create your YouTube channel in 15 Minutes.

Your channel will be your Identity or brand on YouTube, where you will publish and share your contents.

Find The Niche:

Finding the best niche is the most important while you are thinking to start a YouTube Channel.

This can be News, Food, Travel, Makeup & Beauty, Personal Training, Tips & Training, Teaching, Comedy, Vlogging, and any other ideas which you think can make videos on.

Engaging contents will bring you more subscribers and video views.

Publish More Content :

Only a few videos can’t grow your channel. You will have to think more creative and unique ideas and will have to publish videos on a regular basis.

Make a content strategy for Week, Month & Quarter so you can give your subscribers fresh contents. People love fresh and unique contents.

Try to publish at least 3 videos per week in your early days. Ask viewers to subscribe and press the bell icon,  so your subscribers will get a notification every time while you upload a video.

After gaining some loyal subscribers and regular views on the videos you can think about making money with your YouTube Channel.

How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel In 2019

After stabilizing as a brand name there are many ways to make money for your channel. But while your channel is new then you can start with Google Adsense. Google Adsense is the most popular program among all YouTubers and Bloggers.

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In 2017 YouTube changed its policy and now channels with more than 1000 subscribers and 4000+ watch hours only can apply for the Adsense program.

Still, there are many other ways also available to make money with YouTube channel. You can make it your online business and can make a good regular income with it.

You can start selling your own products, services, membership via your YouTube channel. Affiliate marketing is another way to generate a good income.

Amazon Affiliate program, Share A Sale, CJ, Clickbank etc can help you to find the best products to share with your viewers in every niche.

There are many Big YouTubers who are making millions of dollar per month by doing the same.


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