How To Make Money Online With Low Investment?

Now in 2018 while the internet services are within the reach of everyone, we all look for the best make money online with low investment ideas.

The Internet has a large and quick reach worldwide, and being a small business owner it’s awesome to utilize this for your business growth.Make Money Online with low investment

But some smart guy’s are eager to use the Internet as business place and wants to make money online with this. 

The opportunities never ended and Internet can provide you so many ways to earn some extra bucks.

7 Awesome Ideas To Make Money Online

There are so many ways to make money online but few of them required a good amount to get started.  But few can be started with very low investment.

Start Online Store

Now starting an online store or selling products online is not so difficult as it was back in the early 21st century. 

You can easily setup your own store with e-commerce platforms like Shopify,* Woocommerce or can start direct selling with popular sites like Amazon and Alibaba.

Selling with Amazon will not cost you much money.  You just need to signup as a merchant and can start selling the product for just one too.

Make Money With Blogging

In Last 15 years blogging has become another way to make money online. Bloggers like Harsh Aggarwal, are the inspiration for thousands of newbies.

If you have good writing skills and passion about anything which you want to share with the world you can start a blog.

You can start free blogs with WordPress.Com, Blogspot.Com, and Tumblr.Com. You can start a free subdomain blog with these blogging platforms.

But if you are serious about blogging and want to make some money with it then I’ll suggest you start your self-hosted Blog.

For self-hosting blog, Bluehost* and Siteground* are my personal recommended hosting service where you can start your blog with less than 300/- INR per month.

With all hosting plans, Bluehost also offers a free domain name which you can choose your own.

# Make Money While Travelling Around The World

Vlogging Makes Money.

As blogging is writing your stuff, Vlogging shares it with video visuals. Youtube is the best place where you can find millions of Vloggers sharing their kinds of stuff worldwide.

You can start Vlogging with your mobile phone camera and self-stick. Starting a channel with YouTube will just cost you for your Internet charges only.

Because Youtube offers a free hosting space where you can host your video’s without any charges.

Vloggers make money by showing Adsense ads on their videos, Promoting affiliated products, teaching others etc.

Make Money As Freelancer:

Freelancing Websites are another way to make money online without choosing any specific timing.

With the help of these websites, you can find home-based work according to your skills.

And you will get paid for assisting someone. From data entry jobs to law assistance you can find any work.

Most of the websites will also give you an option to choose the amount of your job.

Website Flipping Makes Money:

Web-flipping is an online business where internet savvy, bloggers, web designers and developers buy and sell their Web sites, Blogs, Domains, and Applications.

Website flipping will not cost you much money. The flipping website like Flippa will give a platform to showcase your products and sell them. 

You can start with a domain or website. From a new launch, domain to establish website you can sell all your products.

Sell Your Web App/ Themes.

Do you know about HTML, PHP and another coding language? If Yes, then use your technical skills to design or develop a new web theme and Android / Apple applications.

Android is the widely used mobile platform and every brand wants to launch their own mobile application on Android App Store.

Many small and newly launched brands have a limited reach with their mobile applications. 

Because Apple doesn’t support Android applications and an Android user can’t download any application from Apple store.

So you can help by developing their smart mobile applications for Android and Apple App stores.

You can also design your own Web/ Blog theme for bloggers and website owners.  And can charge some amount if some want to buy or download your theme. 

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketers like Pet Flynn earn more than 150K$ per month.

Making money with Affiliate Marketing is a great idea if you know how to market anything. You just need to sign-up for any program with affiliate sign-up link.

If your profile gets approved the brand will give a referral link special generated for you. You just need to promote that product and share your own link.

So then someone can use your link to buy the product or services. You will earn some money if the product gets sold.

You do not need to start with big brands. Many e-commerce websites like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay also have affiliate programs where you can make good money. 

Amazon has a great Affiliate program for beginners. You can earn 4% to 10% commission for each sale referred by your link.

You can use your social media profiles to share and promote your affiliate link.

But many affiliate services prefer self-hosted blog owners to market their brand.

You can find multiple products in different niches with affiliate service providers like Share A Sale, Vcommission, Viglink, Cue link, CJ etc.

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