13 Small Business Ideas For Women In 2018

The most important for starting a business is courage and money. But if you are a woman and want to be an entrepreneur then you also need a unique Idea.

The idea which you can convert into a home-based or small business.  Starting a small or home-based business can always motivate women.

Small Business Ideas For Women

Female entrepreneurs not only contribute to their family and Country economically growth even make themselves financially strong.

If you also looking for some best small business ideas for women then the list is too long.  It means you can find hundreds of small business ideas which you can start from home.

Here I have collected 13 actionable small business ideas for women which you can start with no cost or in minimum cost.

Small Business Ideas For Women In 2018

#Affiliate Marketer

If you are an educated woman and have a little knowledge about marketing. You can start your own affiliate marketing business.

Nowadays many companies offer their products to individuals and ask them to promote these products to someone others.

You can also join such company and if you found better products you can sell their product to your Friends, Relatives, Neighbours.

You can also use your social media accounts to promote products and increase sells.

These companies also give you an affiliate link for tracking your monthly sells and income.


If you also think that writing still counts as a hobby then you are not in touch with the present society.

Where you can find many live examples of successful and famous female authors.

So if you have good writing skills and knowledge that how to leave an impact on readers mind than don't west your time and start writing.

Have you watch the movie Harry Potter then you must be aware of Joanne Rowling.

#Party Planner

We all know that how our mother's plan everything if there is any special occasion at Home. Yes, you got it right I'm talking about planning.

If you know how to plan anything for best. Then there is a big market which required a perfect planner.

You can work as a party planner. First, find some small clients and gain some experience. Improve your skills by learning some new and unique ideas.

From a home lawn to big corporate parties everyone needs a good planner

Working as freelancer party planner will give you a chance to acquire a big market and maximum opportunities.


Now people love to read and share contents online. And blogs are the best way to express your thoughts.

Start a blog and share your expertise, views with millions of others who are looking for the same.

Become a pro blogger is the option which is fit for every woman. There are so many female bloggers who make handsome money with their blogs.

Starting a blog first, you need a perfect niche in which you can so your expertise.

After selecting a niche, Register a right domain name and buy hosting from any good and affordable hosting provider.

Content management platform like WordPress is the best for building any blog.  You can also use free platforms like WordPress.Com and Blogspot.com.

As a pro blogger you can make money with Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense, Direct Advertisement, Self-product sell etc.


If you are an expert in any field and can advise someone who needs your skills and expertise.

Then working as a consultant is another option to start your home based business without facing so many functions.


Do you love child's or if there are many children? If yes then childcare business is for you. You can start your home childcare.

Nowadays many working parents are unable to taking care of their child's due to their Job and business. So they look for a place where their children can live safely for the day. 

#Financial Planner

Financial planners are always in demand. Do you have strong knowledge of financial products or have a financial background?

Financial Advisor assists individuals with the correct financial decision about Investments, Savings, Buying And Selling Shares, Funds, Credit Cards, Debts and other products.  

#SEO Consultant

Every day thousands of new websites and blogs are being added to the Internet. Every site owner wants to their site on top of Google Search Results.

You can help them by suggesting some good SEO tips and Techniques. Or can be hired for improving their site performance.

Help them to grow site traffic and increase follower or product sales.

Many Pro Bloggers also work as SEO consultant and charge a handsome amount if someone Hire them. 

#Home Tutor

Teaching at home or Starting a Home Tuition Centre is another great home business idea for women. If you are an expert in any special study subject and have teaching skills.

You can start your own Home Tuition Centre at home or somewhere. Teaching is always a respectful job among all professions.

For starting your home tuition center you don't need much money.

You only need a comfortable sitting space for students and few of Study and Teaching materials like White/BlackBoard, Marker Pen, Books, Stationary etc.

You can buy these products online from Amazon.

#Interior Designer

Do you have the skills of creating a new design? If so then use your creative skills to assist someone as Interior Designer or Decorator for renovating their Home.

You can help individuals by suggesting some creative ideas for re-decorate their Home / Office. And create an environment which suite their personality and needs.

Share your ideas with the client according to their budget. Learn best skills and try to use the things which they already have. 

#Social Media Marketer

In last decade social media sites have been the most popular and easy solutions for marketing.

Many Brands and organizations are using them to increase their sales and gaining new customer's.

As a social media marketing expert, you can use social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service. 

Apart from these ideas, you can also follow any of these too.

# Travel Agency / Planner

Travel Agencies are always helpful resources while someone plans their trips. You can start your own Tours & Travel Agency business and can help others to arrange their first destination trip.

A few agencies also arrange adventure trips for individuals and groups. So as a trip planner you can also visit many beautiful places with your customers.

How many times have you thought about visiting your dream destination?

#Virtual Call Centre

A single person call center or virtual call center is the small business formate, which is already popular in many western countries.

You can also start your own virtual call center in India. Many organization gives home-based work opportunity to the individuals.

You just need a working space, Laptop, Headphone and high-speed Internet connection for starting your own small call center.

You can also work as a freelancer and find your own business clients from Freelancer, Guru, Upwork, & PeoplePerHour websites.

These are the few small business ideas for women.  You can choose any idea and start working from home.  Most of the ideas just need a little small space and Time to achieve success.

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