Top 10 Bloggers In India With Their Monthly Earning

Still, there are many people who do not consider blogging as a career. But in the era of digitalization while everyone is looking for best solutions on the internet. You can make blogging a business for you.

There are many examples where you can see how bloggers are making millions every month.

As I mainly share details about credit cards, Savings, and online money making and In our previous post, we discussed 7 online money making tips, Where making money with blogging was also mentioned.

So in this post, we will come to know about the top 10 bloggers in India with their monthly income from blogging.

Top 10 Bloggers In India In 2017 - 18

top 10 bloggers in India in 2018

# Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal is the pioneer in Indian Blogging. Many call him the godfather of blogging in India. He is an IIT graduate and was working with a reputed organization in the USA when he decided to left his job for making blogging as his career. 

In 2004 Amit started Digital Inspiration to share his knowledge with the audience on the Internet. Soon his blog became one of the top 100 tech blogs in the world.

As per 2017 reports Amit's blog is receiving more than 5 million monthly visitors with 50K+ USD Earnings. Amit mostly earning is from Google Adsense.

Name: Amit Agarwal

Blog URL: Labnol.Org

Blog Alexa Rank: 13085 / USA Rank - 7398

Approx Monthly Income: 30,000,00/+ INR

# Harsh Agrawal

Harsh is the well-known blogger worldwide. His blog ShoutMeLoud received more than 1.5 million visitors every month.

Harsh Started ShoutMeLoud as a hobby in 2008. He blogs about Affiliate Marketing, Online Income, SEO, WordPress, & Blogging Tips & Tricks. 

Harsh mostly Income come from Affiliate Marketing as he also does publish his regular income reports.

Harsh is making more than 30K USD per month.

Name: Harsh Agarwal

Blog URL: ShoutMeLoud

Blog Alexa Rank: 7885 / India - 1070

Approx Monthly Income: 35K USD

# Malini Agarwal

Malini Agarwal Aka Miss Malini is a famous female blogger in India. She started her blog MissMalini.Com in 2008, where she covers the current gossip and news about Bollywood, Fashion, and TV Stars in India. She has also worked with Radio One and channel V.

Miss Malini blog receive more than 5 lac pageviews per day.

Name: Malini Agarwal

Blog URL: Miss Malini 

Blog Alexa Rank: 46067 / India: 4671

Approx Monthly Income: 25K+ USD 

# Shradha Sharma

If you are a business enthusiastic or willing to start your own venture you must have listened to the YourStory site.

Shraddha Sharma is the key person behind this awesome blog. Your story is a site which shares stories about startups, founders, Small business, and how to ideas.

Your Story is an established blog in India with more than 1 million monthly visitors.

Name: Shraddha Sharma

Blog URL: YourStory

Blog Alexa Rank: 8006 / India Rank: 741

Approx Monthly Income: 30K USD

# Kulwant Nagi

If you are a blogger and want to make money with affiliate marketing then you must be aware of another great blogger and affiliate marketer Kulwant Nagi.

Kulwant started his blog Bloggingcage in 2012 and in just 5 years he owns his place in the top 10 bloggers in India. 

Kulwant writes about Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Online Income, Tips & Tricks. He is one of the top affiliate marketing bloggers in India.

Name: Kulwant Nagi

Blog URL: Blogging Cage

Blog Alexa Rank: 195612 / India - 19925

Approx Monthly Income: 10K - 15K USD

# Raju PP

Raju is a Bangalore based blogger. He started his blogging journey in 2009 with his blog TechPP.  On his blog, he shares reviews about latest tech gadgets like Mobile Phone, Android Applications, Laptops. 

Right now he is managing his blog with his pro team.

Name: Raju PP

Blog URL: TechPP

Blog Alexa Rank: 92034 / India - 16501

Approx Monthly Income: 15K + USD

# Srinivas Tamada

Srinivas is a Chennai based blogger. He mainly writes detail articles about Web Programming and development.  His blog is widely famous among programmers and web designers and their community in India. 

Name: Srinivas Tamada

Blog URL: 9lessons

Blog Alexa Rank: 95295 / India - 14621

Approx Monthly Income: 14K USD

# Imran Uddin

Imran is a young blogger from Andhra Pradesh. His blog is focused on SEO, Technology, Gadgets, How to, Applications and Tech Hacks.

He manages a network of multiple niche blogs. And with his blogs, he also owns an SEO service startup in India.

Name: Imran Uddin

Blog URL: AllTechBuzz

Blog Alexa Rank: 49934 / India - 5561

Approx Monthly Income: 10K+ USD

# Amit Bhawani

Amit is another top tech blogger in India. He Started his blogging career in 2007.  And he mainly blogs about Tech Gadgets like Latest Mobile Phone, Laptops, Notebook, PC, Tablet and tech applications. 

Nowadays Amit is not focusing on Blogging.  He also owns a company which helps people to SEO and internet marketing related services.

Name: Amit Bhawani

Blog URL:

Blog Alexa Rank: 720725 / India 58970

Approx Monthly Income: 15K USD

# Jaspal Singh

Jaspal is the founder of popular blog SaveDelete.Com where he writes gadget news, Product reviews, Blogging tips, Online Income ideas, SEO tips & Tricks etc. His blog receives millions of pageview every month.  

Name: Jaspal Singh

Blog URL: SaveDelete

Blog Alexa Rank: 199024 / US Rank 114602

Approx Monthly Income: 10K+ USD

# Ashish Sinha

Ashish Sinha is another famous blogger in India. He mainly writes about entrepreneurs, technology, and Startups. Ashish started his blogging career in 2007 and in 2012 he switched his blog domain to NextBigWhat.

Name: Ashish Sinha

Blog URL: NextBigWhat

Blog Alexa Rank: 163486 / India - 13625

Approx Monthly Income: 20K USD

# Arun Prabhu Desai

Arun is a Pune based blogger. His Blog is not a proper blog.  But a site where he shared useful content related to small business, Startups, Technology, Business ideas, financial news, and stocks. 

Name: Arun Prabhu Desai

Blog URL: Trak.In

Blog Alexa Rank: 50086 / India 3862

Approx Monthly Income: 10K+ USD


Friends these are the top 10 bloggers in India with their monthly earnings. Most of them are making money through Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Blog Advertisement, Sponsorship etc.

I have used just a raw data about their monthly Income. Because regular income also can be changed as per blog traffic and affiliate sales. 

These are the pro bloggers in India and have chosen to blog as their career or money making business. 

You can learn so many things to them and can make money like them. 

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