7 Easy Ways To Earn Money While Traveling Around The World

While I started to work in my present organization, I quit my dream of Traveling. And this was not easy for me. But I had to do this to earn money and make my living easy.

And I Know you also want to visit your favorite places but can't do this due to your job. So here I found few best ways to earn money while traveling around the world.

Earn Money While Traveling

  • Online Travel Guide
  • Blogging.
  • Online Store.
  • Writing For Someone Who Needs It.
  • Freelancing Jobs
  • Start Video Channel
  • Create Online Traning Courses

earn money online with travel

  1. Create Online Travel Guide

The best way to earn money while traveling is, create a travel guide for others. By doing this you will not only help someone, even can earn money too.

Because before visiting any place people always do research about them.

So your guides will help them to know about the languages, perfect locations, budget hotels, restaurant's, foods, expenses, best visiting seasons, travel route of the destinations.

If you love photography and food then you can share your personal experiences with few happy images too.

How To Make Money With Online Travel Guide?

  • You can create a downloadable travel guide and sell it online on your blog or website. If your guide is loaded with depth information of the particular place then people will buy it.
  • Join an affiliate marketing program which allows you to promote travel related products like Travel Booking Websites, Hotels, Local Cabs, Travel Coupons etc.

2. Start Blogging.

Now Blogging is the best way to make money online. Many bloggers are making thousands of dollars per month with their blogs.

You can start your own blogs and make money online. Before starting a blog you will have to choose any niche for you are having a depth knowledge and you can write.

You can pick and topic like Travel, SEO, Social Media, Recipes, Sports, Politics, Education, Finance etc.

For starting a blog first you need a domain name which will become your online identity.

If you just want to share your knowledge then you can start with WordPress.com or Blogspot.

Which provide users an option to create blogs with their own subdomain (Ex Yourname.wordpress.com) and shared hosting with limited features.

But if you really want to make blogging your full-time job, then you should start with custom domain and Hosting.

For best budget hosting you can choose Bluehost which also gives you free domain name with their annual hosting plans.

With Bluehost, you can choose your own custom domain like www.yourname.com for your blog.

How To Make Money With Blogging?

  • Google Adsense is the best way to monetize your blog. If you show Google ads on your blog you can make handsome money.
  • Start affiliate marketing and promote some best products which offer high referral amount to their promoters.Share reviews, and write about Pros & Cons of the product. And always promote the helpful product so people's will love it.
  • Show Paid banners advertisement on your blog, Write paid reviews and sponsored articles.

3. Start Your Online Store

online shopping sites in india

Starting an online store will be the best idea to make money anywhere in the world. Now almost every person knows about online shopping sites.

Biggest online stores like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart can be good resources to start. Where you just need to upload your product and select prices.

People will buy your products through these sites and will pay online before buying your products.

If you want to develop your own brand then you can start your online store with Shopify and Ashop.

Both platforms provide users with the best interphase for building their own online selling store. And you don't need any specific technical knowledge for maintaining your store.

4. Write For Someone Who Needs It

Become a freelance writer to earn money from your hotel room.This is one of the best jobs which you can do in your pajama's.

There are so many websites available online which pays for writing. If you know how to write depth about any topic than you can share your skill with them.

If any site found you best for writing then no need to sit in the house. You can make money by writing articles from anywhere in this world.

Some website will pay you 150$ for each article. You just need to find these websites online or you can join any freelancer website to find your prospect's.

Social media communities and Groups are the good resources to find prospects.

Use your social media accounts and join Online Writer Communities, Facebook and Google Plus Groups and share your pieces of information.

earn money with Freelance job work

5. Freelance Jobs.

Freelancing job works is helping thousands of peoples to earn money. Websites like Freelancer, Peopleperhour, & Guru can help to get a home-based job.

Many Organizations and Individual's look for someone who can help them in their work while the feel stuck.

This work can be in any fields like web designing, HTML & PHP coding, writing important notes, recreate the database, SEO, Online Teaching, Data entry, Logo and card designing, marketing and many more options.

If you are able to do any work then can earn good money from your home.

Virtual job assistance is the good way to earn 50$ to 250$ per hour. You can select your own charges for per hour work.

6. Start Video Channel

How many times have you visited a Youtube channel for watching your favorite videos? I'm sure many times, Right!

Yes, you got it right, I'm talking about to start a video channel. You can start it with Youtube, which offers you free handle to share your videos.

Youtube is the Google-owned brand. And in 2016 Youtube was the 2nd most visited website around the world.

For starting your video channel you just need a Gmail Id and can create it free of cost.

After creating a YouTube Video channel you can upload your videos and can share with your followers and visitors.

How To Make Money On YouTube?

Earn money with YouTube is a good idea. After building the audience for your channel you can apply for Google Adsense.

  • Google Adsense is the best way to monetize your video channel. With a few hundred daily views you can apply for Adsense Account.
  • You can share your own training video's and can invite your visitors to join your paid premium membership.
  • Share real product reviews with your videos and affiliated links so you will earn some money if the visitor makes any purchase.

7. Create online training courses.

Udemy is the best example of making money with online training courses. Peoples make their own tutorial videos and upload them to the Udemy Website.

If you have expertise in any of the fields then you have a chance to earn gold coins with online course selling websites.

Websites like Udemy gives you an option to start your online classes and sell your training videos.

If someone enrolled in your courses then you earn money. And there is no need to work from your home & office you can make your tutorial videos while traveling around the country.

You just need some space, Good HD Camera & a good performing Laptop for uploading your videos.

There are so many other resources to for making money while wondering. But I selected only 7 best money making resources.

Because these all resources only required A good performance Laptop, High-Quality HD Camera, Internet Connection and your little bit time to invest for money making with traveling.

I decided to go with Blogging and started my blog. And I'm a bit sure that I'll resign my job very soon for visiting my next travel destination.

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    Great article!
    I travel a lot, and i tried all kinds of ways to make money online.
    What works best for me is koocam.
    I teach my hobbies and sells my knowledge in any field.
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