7 Low Salary Credit Cards For Salaried Below 15K Per Month

Every day thousands of credit card applications get rejected in every bank. Because only having a job and business is not enough for getting any credit card. Every bank has its own policies and requirements for issue any card to anyone.

If you are salaried with more than 20K monthly salary you will receive hundred's of sales calls regarding financial products like Saving Accounts, Investments, Personal Loan, Insurance.

But if your monthly salary is below 15K then it's easy to avail some services, especially like Credit Cards. Sometimes it's very rare to receive any call regarding these products.

Do you know with the salary of more than 75K per annum you can avail many financial services which generally not offered by most of the banks in India?

7 Low Salary Credit Cards

In my previous post, I shared details about premium credit cards in India. These are high salary credit cards but there are so many peoples who have an average monthly income.

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So here is a list of 7 low salary credit cards for salaried between 6500 to 15000 per month.

PNB Classic Card:

PNB aka Punjab National Bank is one of the oldest and popular Government bank in India. With PNB cards bank has a good chain of multi-use plastic money. And PNB Classic Card is good for those who are unable to apply for cards in private sector banks.

Salary Required: 8000/ Per Month

Bank Of India India Card:

Bank of India India Card is the best fit for everyone who has no other choices. With all credit features, India Card is one of the most affordable and low salary credit cards in India.

If your monthly salary is more than 6.5K per month you apply for BOI India Credit Card Card.

Read Full Review Of Bank OF India India Card.

Canara Bank Global Card:

Canara Bank Global credit comes with all the required privileges and you can use this card anywhere in the world. With Visa or Master Payment Gateways option you can enjoy card benefits at more than 1 million partners.

Salary Required: 10000/ Per Month

Canara Bank Visa Card:

Canara Visa Card is the other best option for those who have less than 10K monthly Income. You can apply for Canara Visa Card through a special request in Bank Customer Care. And Cards are issued with domestic/ global usage validity.

Salary Required: 8500/ per month

Andhra Bank Gold Card:

With some rich features and global acceptance facility, Andhra Bank Gold Card is the another best option if you want a Government bank credit card. The card comes with all premium features included fuel, shopping, travel, rewards, and cash back, etc.

Salary Required: 10500/ Per Month.

Bank Of India Visa Gold Card:

This Card is only accepted in India, Nepal, and Bhutan. With 50 days interest-free time period you can avail a complete feature-rich service.  This is a pin enabled photo card for secure usage at over 2,50,000 merchant locations and 24hr. cash access at over 90,000 ATMs in India.

Salary Required: 12500/ per month

Canara Bank Visa Classic Card:

Canara Visa Classic is an entry level credit card. Which can offer you all common benefits included shopping, travel, EMI, rewards, and playback, etc.

Salary Required: 8000/ per month

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In this high-speed internet age, we only prefer fast services which charge us high and required some tough scenario's but government banks services is still affordable for everyone.

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