How To Make Money With Blog? [ Step By Step Guide ]

Do you also want to make money with a blog? Surely you can make money with blog. In last 2 decade, blogging has become fulltime work for many blog owners. As they are now making thousands of dollars every month.

Blogging is a great idea for those who think they have the skill of writing and sharing great pieces of contents.

But speaking a truth that all bloggers are not so lucky to make money with their blog.

As only a little percentage of pro blogger make more than 50K$ per month. But the majority of the bloggers earn 100$ to 10K$ per month.

If you have just started a blog and looking for some trusty ways to make money with your blog. Or you are just a newbie to blogging and want to start a blog.

make money with blog and blogging for money

Then you need to do a little hard work for converting your blog into an online money making tool.

Either you already have a blog or you can just start a new blog with Bluehost. There are many ways to monetize your blog and make money with it.

Start A Blog:

For making money with a blog you first need a blog where you can share your contents and put an advertisement for monetizing them.

You can start a Free Blog with hosted domains like WordPress.Com, Blogspot.Com, Tumblr.Com etc.

But if you are serious about making money with your blog then you should only go with a self-hosted blog. Because many advertisers do not support and approve subdomains or hosted blogs.

As a beginner, you can start your blog with Bluehost* or Siteground* hosting companies. These both web hosting companies offer best and affordable hosting solutions.

You can start your blog as low as 2.95$ per month.

[Note:  You can use our link to get up to 60% discount and a free domain name worth 15$ with BlueHost* & SiteGround* shared hosting plans.]

As a blogger, I’m personally using both hosting companies for my different blogs and I didn’t face any issue till now.

How To Make Money With Blog?

Make Money With Google Adsense:

After publishing 8-10 post every blogger dream about getting approved by Google Adsense. Because Google Adsense is the highest payable monetization program available On Internet.

After launching in 2003 Google Adsense become the first monetization choice of every new blogger as it pays a high amount for every click.

Now Google transfers your blog revenue directly to your bank account. The minimum threshold for first payment is 100$.

And because of Google’s strict policies getting approved for Adsense is not easy. I also faced 3 rejections before getting final approval.

Countries like India, China & Pakistan face maximum no of Google Adsense rejections.

Start Affiliate Marketing:

Bloggers like Pat Flynn, and Harsh Agrawal, earn thousands of dollars every month through Affiliate Marketing. After starting your blog you can also join any affiliate network to promote their products.

With affiliate marketing, you can earn 10$ to 1000$ for every sale of products or services. After signing for any affiliate program you will get a unique affiliate code which will help you to track your product sales.

Networks like CJ, ShareASale offer a wide range of products in multiple categories which suite to every blogger.

You can also join ShareASale program with just 5-10 unique article on a self-hosted blog.

Create Your Own Products:

Many Bloggers suggest creating own product compare then selling someone else brands. You can make thousands of dollars every month by selling your own course and services.

Bloggers like John Lee Dumas and Michelle are making more than 100K USD per month by selling their own products and services.

Ebooks are the best idea to start with. Also, you can start your own handy course for your visitors. As a beginner first try to keep your charges low if you start early.

Or you can wait till making your blog an authority if you want to charge a high amount for your course and services. 

Sell Advertisement On Your Blog:

Many products and companies look for the blogs where they can advertise their products/services.

If your blog is an authority and attract visitors with its unique contents, and has high DA and search ranking for different keywords. You can sell personal advertising space on your blog. 

Many bloggers earn thousands of dollars every month by advertising on their blogs.

You can also prepare a media kit for your advertisers where you can share your blog traffic data and charges for advertisements.

Make Money By Selling Digital Products:

If your blog is not approved for Adsense. If you don’t want to sell advertisements on your blog. And still looking for the opportunity for making money with a blog.

Then you can also sell digital products if you want to make money with blog.

Digital Products like

  • Ebooks.
  • Digital /Online Courses.
  • Software.
  • Images.
  • Podcast
  • Downloadable Games & Applications etc.

You can choose any of the digital product for sharing with your blog readers. Always remember your blog readers trust you, so share the best with them.

Offer Membership For Your Site:

Create a membership section on your blog and share premium contents with your blog paid members. 

 Premium contents are the unique contents which nobody offers and share freely. If you run an authority blog which has a special niches/topic to keep visitors stuck around that.

And you have enough knowledge to share with your site visitors. Paid membership is the great idea to make some good money.

Because if blog visitors found your contents worthy than they will never hesitate to pay you few bucks for them.

Apart from premium memberships, you can also create premium job board, Classified Solutions, Business/Blog directory, Paid Forums with your blog.

People will pay you if they use your site services. 

ProBlogger Blog owner has a premium job board on his blog where he charges some amount if someone uses that board to advertise work.

Building An Authority Blog: 

People love to read blogs which has unique and informative contents. Finance authority blogs like Moneysavingexperts & TheBalance receive millions of visitors every month.

Because they have built up their authority. Make money with blog is not just to publish a blog and sit back. It needs a lot of hard work and focus.

Write Unique & Worthy Contents. 

Every day more than 2 million blog post gets published and hundreds of thousand new blog get published on the internet.

But how many of them survived and earn money? Most probably only a few thousands because there are no unique contents written on them.

As we all know contents are King and your blog cannot survive without them.

You are not going to earn a single dollar from your blog if no one read it.

Because your blog readers are your real money. You will make money if people love your blog and blogging contents.

Don’t Only Blog

Do not spend your all time to blog or writing. As your blog also need visitors so share your contents across the internet.

Build relationships with other fellow bloggers in your niches. Comment on other blogs, write a guest post for them.

Also, invite them to write for your blog and ask them to share contents on Social media.

Social media sites are the great way to share contents with different peoples and will also help your blog to gain authority.

Apply Experiments and Keep Patience.

Make money with blog is not a one week task. As a blogger, you need to focus on writing more useful contents and share with more visitors. 

Never afraid to do some changes or experiments with your blog. Try to find every best method for your blog readers.

Keep patience and wait for the right time to make money with your blog. Always remember you are starting your blog from scratch and it needs some time to grow.

Read other blogs in your niche to know about the current practice applying to the bloggers. And rest you will learn as you will grow.

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