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Premium Credit Cards In India – 5 Credit Cards Which Everyone Wants

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In my previous post, I shared details about the best airline credit cards and 15 best general purpose credit cards in India.

Most of the credit cards are having the same features as Fuel Benefit, Shopping, Travel, Rewards points, Cashback, etc. But few credit cards are specially designed for a shown premium lifestyle.

Earlier in 1950 while Dinners Club launched its first universal card. The plastic money started to create new history.

Now in 2018, there are almost 50+ credit cards which only millionaires possess. But still, you can afford luxury with some premium credit cards.

These cards are international credit cards and will provide you the same benefits out of India too.

Applying for premium credit cards in India you just need to get a monthly salary of more than 50K per month with at least six months old CIBIL (Credit Score).

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Premium Credit Cards In India

5 Best Premium Credit Cards In India.

American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card

American Express is an International financial brand name working in more than 78+ countries worldwide. After establishment in 1850 Amex launched its first Gold credit card in 1966 and platinum credit card in 1984.

After establishment in 1850 Amex launched its first Gold credit card in 1966 and platinum credit card in 1984.

And American Express Platinum Travel is one of the best premium cards for domestic and international card users in India.

Platinum Travel is a multi-purpose credit card. Which gives you the benefits of Domestic & International Travel, Shopping, Dining, Rewards, and Movies, etc.

Read American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card Review.

SBI Signature Credit Card

With some awesome privileges, SBI Signature is the best premium credit card for Government Bank Credit Card lovers. This card has all the required benefits for its users.

SBI Signature is an International credit card so you can use this card anywhere in the world. The card is accepted at more than 2 million Visa outlets worldwide and over 2,85,000 outlets in India.

HDFC Regalia Credit Card

Almost 70% of credit card users in India are using at least 1 HDFC credit card (or have used ones ever). From a beginner to premium, HDFC Bank is providing a big range of multi-purpose credit cards for card users in India.

And HDFC Regalia is the popular card in credit card users. With Travel, Shopping, Movies, Cashback, Unlimited Rewards and other premium benefits you can use this card Internationally.

ICICI Rubyx Credit Card

are another choice for every card user. Bank offers many credit card to users in India. You can apply for any card as per your needs and income criteria.

Being a Rubyx Card user you can avail some privileges of Welcome Gift, Entertainment, Shopping, Travel, Golf, and Rewards. The

The Rubyx Card comes with the 2 different payment gateway options. You can use this card at more than 1 million merchants in the world.

Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card

With 5% Cashback and multiple rewards benefit, SCB Manhattan Card, is the perfect choice of every premium card user.

Standard Chartered is a UK based bank and you can use Manhattan Card at more than 2.5 million merchant's worldwide.

SCB Manhattan card gives you 5% cash back on supermarkets and retail stores. And 3x reward points on fuel, travel, hotels, and dining.

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