7 Ways Your Credit Cards Can Save Money For You |

save money with credit cardsNowadays digital wallets and plastic money are very useful and important for everyone.

With the help of credit cards, you can buy anything without any hesitation.

Every time you will read about the warnings against credit cards.  As the risk of debt, high interest & penalty, bad impact on credit score, too many spendings etc.

But do you know you can save money with credit cards?

Credit Cards can help you to save up to 10% to 20% of your total monthly spendings. It means you can save up to 2000/- INR if you spend 20000/- INR monthly with your card.

Easy Tips To Save Money With Credit Cards

Pay Your Bills With Credit Cards:

There are many credit cards available which offer 5% to 20% cash back on bill payments. Every month you can save hundreds of bucks by paying with your plastic money.

You will also earn some reward points with each spending. Paying your bills through credit cards will not only help you to save your cash also will reduce your billing amount.

Credit cards like CITI Bank Cash Back* and Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium* give you 5% cash back on utility bills.

Uses Your Rewards To Pay Your Bills:

Some special rewards credit cards give 4 to 10 reward points for each hundred INR spending. You can earn hundreds of reward points every month by using a credit card.

In many credit cards, you can also redeem your reward points in cash payments. Also, you can adjust them to your existing monthly card bill.

The cash value for reward points can be different according to the bank and card. 

Generally, the bank offers 0.25 INR to 0.50 INR for each reward point. You can get a value back of approx 25 INR to 50 INR for every 100 reward points. 

You can earn 10 Reward Points on each 100 INR spending with CITI Bank Rewards Card* And SBI Simply Click* Credit Cards.

Compare Cards Before Applying:

Yes, comparing cards before applying can help you to save a lot.  Credit cards from multiple banks in the same category have different benefits.

Many cards offer welcome rewards or joining bonus for cardholders.

The value of welcome reward can be 500/- INR to 10000/- INR. So you can get a huge benefit if you choose the right card.

I personally receive a benefit of worth 5000/- INR from CITI Bank. Later I redeem that voucher on my monthly bill and saved a big amount. Always look for the card which can give you the relevant benefits. 

Find Deals To Save More With Credit Cards:

Shopping and E-commerce websites offer 10% to 70% discount on purchase done by any credit card. You should always grab such deals.

These type of deals can help you to save handsome amount on your home shopping. Sites like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart run big saving deals throughout the year.

And you can take advantage of them. Axis Bank, CITI Bank, and HDFC Bank offer additional 10% extra cash back on online purchases. 

In the same way, you can find Travel deals with Clear Trip, Make My Trip, Booking.Com, Hotels.com.  And also can save more than 500/- INR per month on entertainment at Book My Show website.

#7 Ideas To Make Money While Travelling.

Buy Products On EMI

Though your credit card, you can buy a product on 0% finance charges. Means you don't need to pay any extra interest on EMI.

Save on Fuel & Travel.

You can enjoy free flight tickets and hotel booking with your travel credit cards. Many travel credit cards offer a huge milestone or travel vouchers as joining gift.

These vouchers can be easily redeemed with any Airlines or Hotels which has a tie-up with the bank.

Pay More Than Minimum Of Your Credit Card Bills:

There is no benefit of credit cards if you are not repaying the amount on time. Because interest and penalty charges are quite high in credit cards.

So if you will not pay the billing amount bank will ask for the extra charges. It means your planning of savings through credit cards will become zero.

Always try to pay your billing amount on time. Or in case of any lack of cash, you should pay at least more than the minimum amount of your total bill.

This practice will help you to save your credit score and will keep you away from extra charges and penalties charged by any bank.

Don't Own Too Many Credit Cards:

Using too many cards is not a good decision as this practice will make you confuse.  If you use only one card for your all spendings then there is more chance to earn maximum benefits.

For maintaining a good credit score, low liabilities, and eligibility for future financial requirements keeping only two cards will be a good decision.

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